When you must have the product picked up and delivered in the same day, we can do that, as well! If you call your local office before 10 a.m. and need the item there by 5 p.m. on the same day- this is the service for you! We are dedicated to being there in your time of necessity.

Do you need to move your product from one city to another? Need equipment to keep your job site moving? We have an extensive network of drivers who can depart within moments of your call and go directly to your pick up location and then drive to any destination in the country. We offer dedicated single driver and driver team services that can carry any size load to your destination. Contact Us for more information.

M I Courier provides a wide range of cost-effective options for both on-demand shipments and scheduled pick-up and delivery. With our planning and logistics expertise—and the commitment of our experienced management and logistical team members—we can create and implement a system that meets your needs for timely delivery.