Delivery Services in Florida, New York & Pennsylvania

Specialized In Pharmacy Distribution.

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Medicine Delivery

Trained medical couriers servicing same day or next day.

National Coverage 

Providing the same exceptional services local and national.

Rush Delivery Services

When needed urgent!  We provide STAT delivery to your patients.

Real Time Tracking

Cutting edge technology at your finger tips.

Leader in pharmaceuical logistics

Benefit from the best 
Medically Inclined  couriers and our pharmacy complaint delivery software. 

Our team and technology provide the complete delivery solution.  Our pharmacy deliveries provide a tranparent open managed platform so that you are always in control.  We pride ourseleves in being licensed by board of pharmacy, OSHA /HIPPA  complaint and always patient first approach. Always available to service your facilties, doctors and patients 24/7.. to us, its not a package, its a patient. 

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What we do differently

Every client obtains an assigned driver(s) and an account executive to always aid and be of service to you and your customers. We support this with our technolgy roots that consistently gear us to reach new hights. We not only share this technology  with you, but you have the keys and are in control always. 

Map View

From your desktop to your mobil app. One view shows it all.

GPS Tracking

Track your driver, your package and be in direct contact when neeeded most. 


Signatures and all electronic information is avaiable always at any time.  


Our facilties are logistically placed for expediting the sort and routing services for the next day. 

National Coverage

Not just the local courier, the logistics provider expanding your reach accross the states.

Proof Of Delivery

From scanning drivers license, to taking pictures of packages and uploading what’s important to you. Proof on all pharmacy deliveries. 

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I dont imagine getting any better service than this, or a better system for pharmacy deliveries. 

Avi Cohen


My organization has scaled consistently, M I has played an important role in that success.

Nirav Patel

Chemists n druggists’ 

 I need to have a realible service to fill my patients needs. M I provides the ideal servcies. 

Desiree Green

CDRX Infusion


The Secret of Success

Ira’s Pharmacy, est. – 1969 in Delray Beach, Florida.  Ira was the pharmacist of a small town local retail pharmacy. After many years being glued to the pharmacy business. Ira realized life was passing him by and had no time to enjoy it. Frustrated on not knowing how maximize his time, be more productive, yet more efficent, not costly and in less time.  Ira realized that most of the pharmacies time was invested in non-profit time.  At the same time patients demand more and better services. Ira reached out to M I Courier to reduce his pharmacy deliver costs and in less than 5 years, Ira opened multiple locations and now enjoys his days on the beach.  

RX Integration 

Connecting our sytem was the best part.  Having less paperwork and more eletronic documentation.

Electronic Signature

Capturing signatures and passing all pharmacy audits.

Driver Service and Technologies

Patients signs on driver mobile device. Drivers use the app for routing, tracking, and electronic signature. Saving Time, Fuel, and Money by following efficient routes.

Online Portal

Customers can visually track orders in an online portal, which uses Google Maps.


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Provding customized delivery solutions. 


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We believe in inspiring individuals to achieve their own goal by innovating, leading and educating. We are consistently growing in todays competitive technology and economy. 

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During COVID-19, we continue to deliver. 
Your Patients’ Continued Access to Medication is Most Important!
We continue to service, as we are categorized  “Essential”.