Delivery Services in Florida, New York & Pennsylvania

Pharmacy Delivery Services

Treating your patients

Pharmacy Delivery Services is what we do best!!!

Our staff goes beyond the package delivery service. We provide personalized service directly with your patients.  How, where, when and sometimes why, are part of our successful Pharmacy delivery service. 

From your pharmacy to floor by floor in ALF’s and to nursing stations. Servicing daily rehab centers, even twice a day, patients at home, place of work and at clinics just in time for patients appointment.

Expanding your reaches

Having us as your courier service provider, not only will we solve your local needs, but we can also help you expand to surrounding areas, or across the country.

In today’s competitive market, licensing in multiple states is a viable option. With our pharmacy compliant and RX integration, you can service stress free and have your patients receive personalized hand delivery service. Successful program that passes audits and insurance carriers accept.

Covering Every Pharmacists Concerns

Enjoy having the best
Pharmacy Delivery Services and Delivery System.

Every Pharmacy has its unique patient needs.  We make customizable courier solutions for all your patients medicine needs.

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Enjoy the best
delivery service and RX compliant delivery software combined together

From around the corner, to across the country. Have one system and one service provider. From your Rx system to patients signature on delivery. 

How we can service.

We have created a custom-made app that has cutting edge technology and vast information that will help your pharmacy excel in today’s market. Our software passes all pharmacy audits. Our staff is OSHA / HIPPA compliant and we are licensed by the board of pharmacy.

Experienced and Qualified drivers

Drivers that have the training, certifications, hands on experience with, medications, control substances and refrigerated products.

24 Hours On Call Services

24 hours / 7 days a week were committed to having a driver to service your patients.

Same Day and Next Day Delivery Services

From a scheduled dedicated driver for local services, to patients around the country. 

Transparent Chain Of Custody

Complete control within our app to monitor, communicate, track, submit requests and view accounting information. You’re in total control at all times. 

Prescription Manifests

Need to have orginal signature on paper. With our reverse logistics –all documents,  patient information, prescriptions, cash payments,  returns and general feedback is available.


If your pharmacy services the critical and urgent patient services. Our logistic capabilities make your operations run reliable, stressfree, more confident, smoother and scaleable.   

With M I Courier as your delivery service provider, you have access to establishing connection from your Pharmacy Rx System to simultaneously and effortlessly pass back and forth your patients delivery information for a complete pharmacy delivery automation process.

Get My Rx Software Integrated

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How PBM’s limit you and how we can help.

Are you affected by PBM’s radius?

At M I we make the impossble, possible. Learn how we can service your patients within and out of your radius.

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